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We are currently participating in the Norwegian Financial Mechanism program “Business Development, Innovation, and SMEs.” We believe that it aligns with our needs and future vision. As we constantly discuss ideas for expansion, we have been considering the construction of new drying facilities. We aim for them to be more efficient, reduce the energy consumed in wood drying, and minimize their negative impact on the environment. We believe that the project funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism will open opportunities for us to implement these plans.

The goal of the project is to reduce the negative environmental impact of the company’s operations and conserve natural resources. UAB “Vli Timber” has initiated this project, in which innovative high-temperature convection wood drying kilns will be acquired and implemented in the production process.

During the project, environmentally friendly technologies will be implemented, allowing the company to reduce the use of natural resources and the emission of pollutants into the environment, thus minimizing the negative environmental impact of its operations. The project’s results will also contribute to enhancing the company’s competitiveness, such as faster order fulfillment, higher product quality, and increased production efficiency.

The project “Implementation of Environmentally Friendly Technologies in Vli Timber” is being implemented from 2014 to 2021 with funds from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the State Budget of the Republic of Lithuania. Project code: LT07-1-EIM-K04-007, under the 2014-2021 Norwegian Financial Mechanism program “Business Development, Innovation, and SMEs” in the field of Green Industry Innovation, including bioeconomy.

The project is being implemented in collaboration with the partner – VEPAK AS:

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