Facts about firewood from birch trees

To heat effectively home or room it is necessary to choose the best firewood for the boiler or a fireplace.
For example, if a gas furnace accepts only one type of fuel which is gas (like electronic furnace accepts
electricity) the wood stove owners has more wider options. Today the selection is large. People can choose
from coal, firewood, briquettes, granules, but in Lithuania many years now most popular solid fuel is
firewood. From the side making fire with wood may seem simple- you have to take some kind of stick put it
into fireplace and all the job is done, although there is much more because different firewood also has
different characteristics.

Firewood is generally categorized as hardwoods and softwoods. Birch is considered one of the best woods
to burn in the hardwood family and also it can be mixed with ash, red oak or maple. Birch is a great
firewood and gives larger flame than other hardwood species, however it burns slightly quickly than ash or
oak, so it is best when it is mixed with other dried hardwood firewood. Because of the optimum price-
performance ratio the most popular firewood in Lithuania is from birch trees. The firewood from birch
excludes more heat which maintains longer time. White Ash, Chestnut, Cherry and Maple each have unique
qualities, but are generally similar in terms of heat, length of burn and coaling. Usually 350-400 degrees,
45-60 minutes of burn and a couple of hours of good coals. Also the firewood from birch burns well and
does not click firewood even if frozen or green. Because of the oils in the bark it burns well even if the
firewood is wet. It is easy to use thid type of firewood because it can be easily chopped into very small pieces
and can be used to light a fire. Birch firewood is suitable for sauna stoves, fireplaces and many more.

There are many more good qualities by selecting firewood from birch trees. It isn‘t very messy and doesn‘t
excludes sap everywhere. Also it has very pleasant and unique smell. It depends on which kind of type of
birch is chosen, but all types more or less has sweet sense while burning.